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Isle of Wight Bikes (IW Bikes) only supply high quality hand made monocoque carbon and / or steel, aluminium & titanium alloy frame bikes.

Most famously brand named carbon bike frames are constructed with adhesives joining its carbon tubes together. As a result not long after they’re new they begin to lose their tortional rigidity and start creaking. Sound familiar?

If you’re riding to your power meter’s target and your carbon frame is creaking, a lot of the power you’re producing is being dissipated due to frame flex rather than being transferred to the rear mech.

Indeed, look around for 10 year old Carbon frame bikes still being ridden today. There aren’t many around.

We custom build and bike fit you to a frameset from one of our in-store brands: Cipollini | Colnago | Cinelli | Basso | Tifosi or to any other frameset you’ve set your heart on that we can’t supply.

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